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FieldRx will interpolate the lab data from each grid sample location to create a map that clearly shows problem areas in the field, such as the map above.

The lab data from the map above was used to create a product application map, shown below. FieldRx will create these application maps, and also the VRT controller files.

Features & Solutions

FieldRx® is a web-based program that uses lab nutrient analysis from grid sampling points to generate prescription maps. Users can work with anyone from anywhere without being confined to an office.

It is available across the United States and Canada to any size operation (no minimum acreage requirement) and is applicable to all crops.

While some variable rate technology can be intimidating and time-consuming that is not the case with FieldRx!

FieldRx was engineered to make variable rate prescriptions easier and more efficient while giving users the independence to customize the system to fit their specific needs.

Input Data

Computer proficiency is not necessary, only the ability to access the Web:

  • Field borders and sample locations can be uploaded to the system via shapefile format, or directly from the FieldX® Suite of recordkeeping software.
  • Lab results can be automatically retrieved from various labs, or can be uploaded from a CSV file.
  • Many functions are automated, which greatly decreases the probability for human error and decreases manual input hours – allowing users to get out of the office and back into the field.
  • Users can utilize predefined formulas or write custom prescription formulas based on field needs.
  • FieldRx uses "Smart-Match" technology when uploading borders and lab results for quick column matching without the user having to save the settings as a template.

Output Information

FieldRx has drastically increased the efficiency of receiving output materials for field analysis and application by reducing file sizes and processing time.

  • Notifications are sent via email when file downloads are complete, so there’s no need to sit and wait by the computer.
  • Controller files have been optimized to reduce file sizes and operate efficiently in the field.
  • Grower reports are concise and easy to analyze without the use of excess ink and paper.

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